Wild Duck Creek Springflat Shiraz 2020

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An excellent shiraz from the winery that put Heathcote on the international stage!

The voluptuously rich palate is awash with ripe  blackberry, black plum, liquorice and black cherry flavours that sit confidently over a backdrop of lightly smoked vanillin cedar and spicy pepper. Outstanding power with a long liquorice, ripe black cherry, blackberry, dark plum, smoky vanillin cedar and spicy pepper aftertaste.

"Wild Duck Creek Estate is one of those cult wineries in Australia, based outside of Melbourne, that achieved much of its acclaim due to a mixture of excellent winemaking techniques (vinification is entirely effected through manual pressing), a winemaker with a keen sense of what good wine is (David knows and deeply loves his vines), and of course, that Robert Parker 99-pointer for their flagship "Duck Muck" in the '97 vintage." - Jamus Aug 21, 2002

The winery's philosophy is simple:

"If we can improve our environment, we will improve our wines and leave the land better than it was before. Our efforts to minimise the environmental impact in the production of all Wild Duck Creek Estate products and to improve our environment include:

  • Reforestation of our vacant land. Over the past 10 years we have planted 10,000 trees on our unused land that was previously logged for farming;
  • We use 100% renewable energy in the winery and vineyards;
  • The elimination of the use of herbicides and synthetic chemicals in our vineyards
  • We use compost undervine to develop richness in our soils, increase microorganism activity, and improve water holding capacity.
  • We have planted and intend to keep planting many different species of trees, shrubs and grasses to increase biodiversity in our region.
  • We are moving to becoming certified carbon neutral (and intend to be carbon positive) in early 2021. This will give you will have the confidence that all Wild Duck Creek Estate products and our business have had their environmental impact offset."