Torzi Matthews ‘Francesca Grillo Collina Calcarea’ Syrah 2022 (Preservative Free)

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Torzi Matthews is a food and winemaking partnership between Domenic Torzi and Tracy Matthews. Both share a passion and firm conviction of appreciating the value of heritage in the crafting of their wines and olive produce. In 1996 they stumbled across a small, frost-pocketed hollow in the beautiful Mt McKenzie, Eden Valley and fell in love with the area for its remoteness and its diverse thin soils.

Being hitched to the ‘PF’ train is a tough gig. Truth be told there just ain’t that many good ones getting around and indeed less than 2% of our range falls into this classification. This Shiraz from Torzi Matthews is definitely the pick of our bunch and easily the best PF wine I have tried over the past year. Juicy, fresh, never stupid in its enthusiasm. Not the for the cellar, instead a highly credible ‘drink now’ red.

Preservative Free